The history of the shoelace:

The origin of the german word 'Senkel':

The word “Senkel” is a noun formation from the verb “senken” (“to sink”) and originally referred to an anchor (ahd. “Senkil” anchor). From this the meaning of “plumb bob” was derived, with which one could draw a “vertical” line.

The term "shoelaces" arose indirectly through the fashion industry. The industry introduced belts with hanging cords and pompons. In the past, a piece of metal was often attached to the end of these shoelaces. Some shoelaces are still partly provided with additional jewelry (mainly hanging from high lace-up boots).

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It is not known exactly when the first shoelaces appeared. The ice mummy "Ötzi" which was found in the Alps already wore shoes that were closed with a kind of shoelace (leather strap).

Shoes closed with straps were already common in the Middle Ages. The lace-up shoes or lace-up boots manufactured using turning technology were closed with straps made of leather or textile, the so-called Nestelband. Alternatively, they were closed with button straps or buckles. The ribbon, which was also called laces back then, was also used as an ornament or to close clothing.

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How Barthels-Feldhoff got into the production of shoelaces:

In the middle of the 19th century, waxed cotton yarn, so-called iron yarn, became the most important article of our company. Barthels-Feldhoff therefore decided in the 1860s to set up their own braiding workshop.

The entry into the production of shoe laces and the associated manufacturing technology developed into an essential part of our company's success in the following decades.

Quality, delivery reliability, constant prices and attractive packaging - all this was lacking after the Second World War. An incentive for us to do better and at the same time the birth of the shoe lace brands Ringelspitz and Ringpoint. Back then these brands were the first shoe lace brands. Today they are the leading lace brands on the European market. The huge importance that shoe laces gain for us led to a successful collaboration with Bergal in 1981, the second major brand to date. Since then, we have also been producing private labels for customers from all over Europe with increasing success.

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Synonyms for shoelaces:

- laces

- shoelaces

- shoestraps