Insoles can be a great asset and support for your feet. It is important that these are the right size.

In our extensive range of insoles, we do not only offer different sizes of insoles, but also some insoles that are only offered in unit sizes. These insolves have to be cut individually before they can be used.

This is how cutting your insoles will be easy: 

1. Before you cut the insole, you should print out a shoe size template. You can find such a template on the website

Of course, a template is not required if the shoe size sketch is already printed on the back of the insole. When printing out with a PDF reader, you should make sure that the template is printed out in its original size. To do this, you should select the setting "actual size" on your printer.

2. If you are unsure of your shoe size, you should place your foot on the template to determine your size.

3. Cut the template so that it is initially about one size larger than your actual size. In this way you can ensure that the sole is not cut too small. 

4. Place the template on the new insole.

Mark the outline of the template on the new sole and cut along the previously marked cutting line.

Tip: When cutting, be careful not to shed too much of the sole. Here, too, you should leave too much margin rather than too little.

5. Remove your old insole from your shoe.

6. Take the insole that has been cut to size and slide it into your shoe. If it doesn't fit 100% yet, you can carefully trim the sole until it fits perfectly.