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Profi Insole



-antibacterial mesh fabric

-Breathable PU foam

-Shock absorbing PU gel heel pad

-TPU gel footrest

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With our robust professional insole, you can ideally cushion your feet at work and experience a new level of comfort. Due to the integrated forefoot and heel pads, your feet are not only ideally relieved, but also your spine and joints are protected. The sole also helps you maintain an upright posture. The PU gel footbed padding helps you walk without getting tired, even with heavy loads on your feet. In addition, the sole offers a better hold in the shoe and is particularly comfortable on the foot thanks to its textile layer. The processed, breathable PU foam ensures that you don't get any uncomfortable sweaty feet even when you are exerting yourself. Please insert the sole with the fabric side up!To cut your insole precisely, it is important that you know your shoe size. With the help of sharp scissors, cut out the sole to the desired shoe size along the pre-printed line. Then remove your old insole from your shoe and slide the cutted insole in. Please insert the sole with the fabric side up. If this does not fit 100%, you can carefully trim the sole until it fits perfectly.

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antibakterielles Mesh-Gewebe
ca. 20mm
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