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Protective mask


This profiled protective mask is washable and consists of two layers of Silver Lam Protect hygienic fleece (SLP) with a silver-based agent. Silver nanoparticles show a bactericidal and fungicidal effect without disturbing the balance of the bacterial flora on the skin. In addition, the material is equipped with a hydrophobic coating, which increases the safety volume and prevents the penetration of liquid into the fleece structure. This reduces the risk of droplet contact, through which viruses and bacteria are transmitted.

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 The washable mask should always be stored dry. In addition, the mask should be washed at 60 degrees before first use. Alternatively, the article can be boiled on the stove for 5 minutes. Then the mask has to dry. When putting on the mask, it is advisable to touch the outer surface of the mask as little as possible. The mask is completely self-made and is not certified or medically tested. Product liability is therefore not accepted. 

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